Toronto’s DRIPXXXX returns with “What’s Reality”

It’s been a minute since DRIPXXXX dropped music. Last year, he turnt up the scene with the very well recieved single “PARTOFMYDAY”. Now he returns with a new number. Imagine Gorillaz and Rick & Morty trying to turn up in space. But instead it’s dowtown Toronto living. DRIPXXXX’s knack for picking stellar beats is no joke either. Produced by donforgetzer0 & ivantheterrible this new single connects on all levels.

As for “What’s Reality“, the beat to me sounds lik a mix of “encore stadium feel” with a mean synth chord progression in the back and DRIPXXXX doing his thing bringing a cold/warm melodic sonic experience offsetting the instrumental just enough for it to sound different but with emotion-filled realities. It’s trappy but not subjected to the confines of the trap sound. The elements are balanced for every genre lover to enjoy the music.

It was featured on the DATA-X “National Drip League” Spotify playlist. He also made an appearance on Kyseanthedon‘s latest project “Jordan Year” which is a whole vibe on it’s own. Press play and take in the new single below.

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