New Music: Eminem – “KILLSHOT (MGK Diss)”

Eminem releases a response to MGK called “KILLSHOT”.

On Eminem’s newly-released Kamikaze album, he took shots at MachineGunKelly. Shortly after that, MGK dropped a diss track on Eminem and since then fans have been waiting for the response and today Eminem has released it.

The song which is titled “KILLSHOT” is available to be streamed below.

  • Yep.

    what are you, like 4 years old? You’re not getting that the whole point of his flow is to MAKE FUN OF his flow. He could fit a lot more in, but idiots like you would construde it as mumbling.

  • Patriots vs Communists

    Shut your fucking mouth.
    2-3 decent lines amongst a garbage beat and choppy trash flow on a weak diss track that you’ll move into your trash bin after 2-3 listens.

  • Yep.

    Shut your fuckin mouth, if you had half a brain you’d know this is way better.

  • kevin

    Wow em just shot fire the rap devils. Looks like rap God just destroyed rap devil.

  • Patriots vs Communists

    Rap Devil > This trash.
    Hang em up Marshall.
    You had a good run.