The Weeknd Might Be Releasing A New EP This Week

It is believed that The Weeknd is releasing an EP titled “We’re Alone Together” this coming week.

At the end of March, The Weeknd released his 6-track EP My Dear Melancholy, and he may be releasing the second part this coming week. “We’re Alone Together” is written in The Weeknd’s Instagram bio and fans believe that is the title to his new EP. Today, rumors hit the internet that the project is being released on Friday, May 11th. Supposed cover art for the project was leaked onto the internet today as well and can be seen below.

As of now, there is no official confirmation but we may have a small confirmation coming from a manager of The Weeknd. Sal, who co-manages The Weeknd liked a photo posted by Lost Angeles radio crew LA Leakers about the project. The post he liked is of the alleged cover art saying the project titled We’re Alone Together drops Friday.

This is exciting news and hopefully it is true but don’t let your hopes get too high before an official announcement. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to know if that comes and checkout the supposed We’re Alone Together cover art below.