Omari Jabari Lives Through The Night in “Pipe Down” Video

Omari Jabari is one of the more prolific artists rising from Toronto. His aesthetic is as original as it gets in the city. His previously released project Martyr EP was the murky world of espionage with plenty of melodies intact. It is what helped him claim the status of an originator in the city.

Moving forward, Omari Jabari channels his pain of a break up into his latest mosh-pit ready single titled “Pipe Down”. The song comes correct with a high energy video which captures him turning up in the night as he spits lines like “Sade on the track like taboo adlibbing through the night like ahhh oooh”

Speaking on the song, Omari explains “I’m way more on edge at this moment than I have been in years. Martyr in a sense, that period of my life, cost me the support and family that I had to empower those tones and perspectives. I went through a new sadness that I’d never had before in separating from my wife and the inevitable stress that’s placed on my now less integrated relationship with our daughter, Indigo.”

Take in the video below.

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