New Video: Billz – “Stick Up Kids Part 1”

​Billz is a up and coming rapper buzzing out of Sweden, Stockholm, who just dropped his debut video ”Stick Up Kids Part 1”.

Billz is currently gearing up to make a a crossover out in the United States with a new European trap sound. Resided out in Stockholm, in a hood south of south of the capital city called Brandbergen. A place mostly known for its football (Soccer) talents and crime rates.
With no musicians and rap artists, Billz decided to take the torch and put his home on the map. Billz came to Sweden by the age of 3 from North Africa where his origins are from. He was a troubled kid for mostly getting into fights. Growing up in Brandbergen had both good and bad influences on him, from getting to do what he’s good at once he steps into the booth to where he used to rob, slang and getting into fights with his day ones by his side. 
He got introduced to hip-hop by his cousin who was living out in Canada at the time, he used to come visit him from time to time in the summers where he usually spent a month with his family. His cousin put him on with rappers such as Biggie, Pac, Shyne, Dipset and many more. From that time, an interest to hip-hop grew, but he didn’t start rapping until 2009 where he just did it for fun with some local rappers from the same neighborhood. 
Billz gained a local buzz and kept going from there, but started to get serious with his career until 2016 where he just was writing mostly and perfecting his craft. He also decided to start a career with a ski mask on his face to hide and protect his identity from the public due some private reasons. 
We can expect more from the kid, as he’s working on his EP titled No Face No Case and is already planning for his second video ”Monifa”. We can expect the EP to drop early this year, and the video in a month.
For now, you can watch the “Stick Up Kids Part 1” video above and follow him on Instagram to stay up to date at @skimaskbillz.