Tory Lanez Accused Of Stealing Lines On Freestyle

Tory Lanez has been accused of stealing multiple lines from Bronx rapper Don Q on a Funk Flex freestyle from earlier this month.



Tory Lanez earlier this month made an appearance on Funk Flex’s prime time Hot 97 radio show.  Towards the end of the interview, Lanez then took part in a freestyle, what most artists do on Flex.  Now, after about a week and a half, people are starting to notice something suspicious.


Last night, a video from DJ Akademiks’ Instagram showed how Lanez might have not come up with 100% of his lines.  The maker of the video shows a snippet of Lanez freestyle, then a snippet from a Don Q freestyle from March of this year.  You can definitely tell in the video that Lanez might’ve bit a few lines from the Bronx rapper.  If not, at least made them sound very similar.


Lanez then of course was quick to respond and defend himself, commenting “I don’t steal anything…u won’t find nothing that I haven’t ripped I been doin this for years.”  Lanez can share his side of the story all he wants, but it didn’t stop Twitter from having a field day on the subject.


You can watch the Tory Lanez freestyle here, along with the Don Q freestyle here.  Also check the tweets below to see how the fans reacted to this news.

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