TRIPSIXX Unleashes Two New Songs from ‘Metal Gear Tape’

TRIPSIXX debuts two songs from Metal Gear Tape.

TRIPSIXX has built himself a reputation as being a “double time spitter” whose fans have been seeing him consistently go ape mode this year when he officially released “Casino”. Now he returns full-steam with two new cuts, “Kush Up” and “Wake The Dead Up”. Both very different tracks but highlight him as an all rounder artist who is capable of making the lovesick sad boy jiggy tunes like “Kush Up” but then holds back nothing while flexing on his haters on “Wake The Dead Up” which again includes his double time expertise. Both songs heavenly influenced by marijuana culture. If anything you would think “Kush Up” might be about an indica strain whereas “Wake The Dead Up” would pass for a sativa as TRIPSIXX sing/raps the hook: “Pack so loud it wake the dead up”. Stream the Lost Planets-produced “Wake The Dead Up” and the Krinny-composed “Kush Up” below.

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