TRIPSIXX Drops Video For Single “Wake The Dead Up”

Toronto rapper TRIPSIXX literally hops out a grave, spills Hennessy everywhere.

A few days ago TRIPSIXX dropped two new singles, a bass-heavy chillout track called “Kush Up” and steroid-spiked “Wake The Dead Up”. Now he returns with a video for his debauchery boys anthem “Wake The Dead Up”. The Jay Serran-directed video goes hard and matches the high energy of the song. At some point, one realizes that the graveyard serves as a perfectly matching camouflage to the rapper’s Yeezy jacket. Nonetheless, this song is legitimately high pace thanks to Lost Planets blistering production on the track.

TRIPSIXX announced his debut project Metal Gear Tape a while back, but there isn’t any indication if the recent two songs will be featured on the tape. Either way, the video below is worth watching as you catch the UTU member turning up to the fullest with zero f*cks given.

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