Toronto’s Jayd Ink Shows How To Love Yourself in “Dark Skin” Music Video

Toronto’s Jayd Ink is deep and lyrical in a “Dark Skin” video.

In a male-dominated industry, it is rare when a strong female figure steps up to the challenge whilst keeping her dignity intact. It takes a lot of courage to make political statements as well as showcasing strong lyricism. The term “this is great…for a girl” has never been more relevant than in 2017, as much as it is still up for debate.

Jayd Ink, a songstress and songwriter hailing from Toronto brings back hip-hop’s golden era when Mary J Blige‘s songs carried sentimental weight yet powered R&B and SWV‘s sweet gospel vocals had listeners mesmerized. Jayd Ink’s music resume is nostalgic in a way. The level of sophistication in her latest song “Dark Skin” is heartfelt. The single is beautifully composed. Her music overall is very engaging whilst being lyrically complex.

The “Dark Skin” video delivers a strong message about loving the skin you’re in. Jayd sings about being told she was “pretty for a dark skin” as she speaks on growing up in a rough neighborhood, young love, and ultimately learning to love herself. The visuals juxtapose images of Jayd nude in a milk bath with footage of her neighbourhood and dudes hugging the block and other levels of extreme swagness. Take in the video below.

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