Swagger Rite’s “In Love With The K” is a Mosh-Pit Anthem

Toronto’s Swagger Rite is very much at home with his mosh-pit anthem most likely to blow your speakers with “In Love With The K”. 

In the recent years, Toronto has gained a reputation for birthing crooners, the feelings-filled melodic sensations who stay topping charts to this day. But as far as contemporary trap rappers go, there aren’t many recognized in the mainstream. With the exception of Baka of course who’s track “Live Up To My Name” could be seen bumped on many celebrities IG snaps stories. Many fans around the world embraced the song as one of the hottest trap anthems. Swagger Rite‘s latest effort “In Love With The K” is the latest mosh pit trap anthem which falls under not your average artist category.

The STRETCH-produced beat goes off with a distorted baseline giving the entire song a very grungy aesthetic as Swagger Rite lays down a catchy hook and some savage-esq raps. Meanwhile in the video Swagger Rite shows off his on-point swag, channeling every d-boy’s perfect fantasy. If anyone is looking to get their swagger right Swagger Rite’s record can help.

Reps Up boss P Reign was also seen IG snapping bumping the song giving it a heavy street co-sign that is not to be taken lightly. Watch the Rodzilla-directed video below.

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