Kanye West & Kid Cudi Are Reportedly Working On A Collab Album

Reports are now saying that Kanye West and Kid Cudi are working on a top-secret surprise project together.

Kanye West and Kid Cudi have been spotted together multiple times this year which made it clear that they were working on new music together and today some very exciting information has surfaced. According to Page Six, Kanye and Cudi are working on a “top-secret project” in Japan.

“They’re going to drop some crazy collaboration out of the blue,” Page Six’s source told them. “They’re going to drop some surprise project on everybody. They’re recording it now.”

This report comes a week after Kanye and Cudi were pictured at Takashi Murakami’s Japan studio. If you don’t know, Takashi is the designer of Kanye West’s Graduation cover so he could possibly be doing the cover for this album. Multiple affiliates to Kanye posted photos of the three teasing something titled “Everybody Wins” and the date December 31st. It is possible their project can be called Everybody Wins and it will arrive on December 31st but this is not confirmed.

If more details surface, we will report.