J. Cole Calls Out Ravens For Not Signing Colin Kaepernick

J. Cole offered his thoughts on the whole situation during his recent tour stop.

J. Cole is in the midst of his 4 Your Eyes Only Tour, and at the most recent stop in Baltimore, the rapper discussed one of the most talked about topics floating around the world: Colin Kaepernick. The “Neighbors” MC talked about the situation in the middle of his set, and the crowd was all there for it. The Ravens have been scrutinized recently due to their need of a backup quarterback, yet they haven’t signed one of the biggest free agents available, Kaep. 

Cole talks about how Baltimore is in need of someone who is willing to fight rights, even if that means putting their own livelihood in jeopardy. 

See his entire rant below, and see the pair link up for a picture together below that.

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