André 3000 Would Be “Okay” With No New Outkast Album

André 3000 shared his thoughts on any future project from Outkast.

André 3000 recently did an interview with Complex, in which he decided to inform fans on the future of his rap career. He said that he “feels like rapping is like being a boxer. The older you get, the slower you get.” He went on to talk about how he hopes he’s not rapping when he’s 50 years old.

Check out an excerpt from the piece below, and read the whole Complex exclusive here.

André 3000 on the future of his rap career:

Now it’s more like a hobby for me, so I don’t think about it in that way. Even with Outkast — if we never do another album, I’m totally fine with that. When I was 25, I said I don’t want to be a 30-year-old rapper. I’m 42 now, and I feel more and more that way. Do I really want to be 50 years old up there doing that? When I watch other rappers that are my age I commend them, but I just wonder where the inspiration is coming from. At this stage I’m really more focused on what I am going to be doing 10 years from now. And I hope to God it won’t be rapping

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