Stream Bones’ New Project “NoRedeemingQualities”

The prolific underground rapper Bones’ latest release NoRedeemingQualities is why writers/tastemakers label him as a talent who has the potential to be a top artist who’s carving his own lane.

Bones has a decent cult fanbase with his own gothic cloud rap style which has convinced a quarter million people to follow his rap collective’s SoundCloud page called TeamSESH. He has released about 50 projects since 2010. It’s 2017 and he has already put out more music than most artists which shows his capacity and drive to produce a lot of content over a small time frame. His more current releases include TimTheToolManTaylor, YouMadeYourBed,NowLieInIt and now NoRedeemingQualities EP.

The 14 track deep project contains standout record “SeanPaulWasNeverThereToGimmeTheLight” featuring Danny Brown. Also, look out for the other features by Jonny Telafone and Jon Simmons of Balance and Composure.

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