Watch A Sneak Peak of Cherry Bomb: The Documentary

Watch an exclusive clip of Cherry Bomb: The Documentary featuring both Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean.

Illegal Civilization and streetwear teamed up to make a documentary for Tyler, the Creator’s album Cherry Bomb. The film premiered in L.A. at the Downtown Independent on January 29th, and they decided to release a clip hyping up the project. In the video, a fan asks the rapper how he handles his success– the rapper responded with “There’s a balance. You got to keep it fun, or else you will lose your f****** mind.”

Mike Alfred, the films Director and Editor, who is also friends with Tyler, the Creator has big plans for Illegal Civilization, as he said, “My goal is to eventually make I.C. like HBO. I want to be at the top. I want to set up a film empire.”

The documentary features everything from skateboarding in the middle of the street, Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator signing posters, to the rapper and the films director taking questions at the end.

Check out the clip from Cherry Bomb: The Documentary below.

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