Drake Breaks Apple Music & Spotify’s One Day Streaming Records With “More Life”

Drake’s new project More Life just dropped and it is already breaking records.


Earlier, we reported that Drake broke Spotify’s one day streaming record with 61.3 million streams in one day and now we got word of another record he has broken. This one is Apple Music’s one day streaming record. More Life was streamed 89.9 million times on Apple Music the day of its release.

If you add the one day streaming numbers from Apple Music and Spotify together it comes in at 151.2 million streams in one day which is insane. Congrats to Drake! Checkout the More Life first week sales projections here.
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On this past Saturday, Drake’s highly-anticiptated new project More Life which he describes as a “playlist” was finally released. Drake being one of if not the biggest name in music today, it is of course expected to do huge numbers like his last album Views did and we are already starting to see the results.

Today, streaming service Spotify announced that Drake has broken yet another one of their streaming records. On the first day of its release, More Life was streamed 61.3 million times. The previous record was set by Ed Sheeran whose Divide album was streamed 56.7 million times in one day.

With these just being the first day numbers for Spotify alone, you can already tell the first week overall numbers for More Life are going to be massive. With Apple Music added in, More Life probably was streamed over 100 million times in the first day.

The first week sales projections are out now, you can find them here. Check back on Rap Direct this weekend to see the official first week sales numbers.