Action Bronson Has A New Show On The Way

Action Bronson will be playing matchmaker with his upcoming show produced by Viceland.

It seems that Action Bronson’s three television gigs, most notably Fuck, That’s Delicious, isn’t enough to keep him occupied. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Action Bronson will be the host of another Viceland produced series. The new show will be called Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson, and will be a Snapchat exclusive.

From the report, the show will have the rapper curate dates between two people and predict what will happen before the date ends– “Bronson will give Snapchat viewers a play-by-play of the dates and predict who will go out again before the outcome of each meeting is revealed.”

Check out a clip from Fuck, That’s Delicious¬†below while we wait for the production of Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson to get off the ground.

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