Lil Wayne’s NFL GameDay Interview Assures New Music + Is In The Studio With Nicki Minaj

Lil Wayne has a lot on the way when it comes to music and is in the studio with Nicki Minaj.

Young Money is starting off the year in full effect, considering that Lil Wayne hinted at many upcoming projects. During a live interview on Skype, Wayne made an appearance on NFL Network’s GameDay and dropped major news.

While discussing further about these upcoming projects, Wayne made it clear he’s passing up on giving out any titles but he seems very promising about the excitement behind it all. “I have a lot of things coming out. I don’t like to give them titles or names or anything because we don’t know what we’re going to drop first.”

Keeping everyone on their toes, Wayne hinted at projects involving Nicki Minaj and Drake, “And you already know I got my key players,” he said. “I got my Nicki, I got my Drizzys. So we’ll be alright.”

With Wayne spilling all these news, Nicki Minaj made a surprise cameo, marking it her first appearance since her break-up with Meek Mill. Wayne and Nicki both embraced and hugged one another on the screen.

Regardless, fans have to just keep their fingers crossed on these teased upcoming projects. Below, you can watch the interview yourself: