Big Sean Shares Insight On His Upcoming Album “I Decided” With Zane Lowe

With Big Sean’s I Decided soon arriving, he sat down with Zane Lowe to discuss the making of the album. 

The arrival of I Decided is coming to an approach and Big Sean sat down with Zane Lowe for an exclusive interview for Apple Music. During the interview Big Sean reflected on his work and opened up about the direction of the album. For Big Sean it’s very important to manifest what you want to put out to the world for an impact.

For Big Sean, Dark Sky Paradise was what he called a “blueprint” and the foundation to his future work. Honesty and realness in the production of his work was a main topic in the interview.

Speaking about the making of I Decided, Big Sean spoke to Lowe about his mentality and his aura. “As an artist you can imagine, you make sacrifices as an artist like putting your privacy on the line,” Big Sean told Lowe. “If you’re a true artist you sacrifice your privacy, you sacrifice the stories of your life you’ve been through, you sacrifice all these different emotions and you put em out there but it’s for people to relate to it’s for people to help them get through their times.”

Big Sean gave insight about his work in the booth and the creative process, telling Lowe that it’s more like a ‘stream of conscious’ because he doesn’t write down his lyrics, his words flow through him. Mediation and spiritual feeling is vital for Big Sean.

For fans, I Decided will be very special, Sean called this project a “loose narrative.” The meaning behind it is special for Sean. “This album, this is my snapshot of what I’m going through right now, what I’m feeling like,” Sean said. I Decided means so many things. I feel like life is all about the decisions you make. This is what I decided. That’s why I put a period on the end of it because this is definitive.”

Big Sean also shared that his album will start off automatically road mapping his fans to the direction of the album. He shared, “I spent my whole life trying to improvise, I’m not saying that shit for you to sympathize. I spent my whole life trying to find the light that is at the end of the tunnel, I should’ve realized it was inside.”

During the interview, Big Sean made it very clear that he isn’t playing fair, he isn’t wasting time and he’s going in for the kill. Listen to the full interview below.