21 Savage Has Signed With Epic Records

21 Savage signed with Epic Records, he is no longer an independent artist.

21 Savage has announced that he has sealed the deal and has signed to Epic Records with L.A. Reid. He is officially a major label artist.

For Rap Radar’s 90th episode, 21 Savage was the special guest. During the interview, he discussed his decision on why he signed to Epic. When questioned about his decision, 21 simply answered, “cause he’s black.” He also shared that they were consistent, “He’s probably the last black CEO. Why not? He’ll understand me before anyone else.” Being independent was a big part of 21, he shared, “I want to sign to someone who believes in me and understands me.”

Speaking about friendships in the music industry between artists, 21 made it very known that he doesn’t do “friendships” in the industry, he just does business. When asked about Drake, 21 shared that he’s been friends with Drake since before Slaughter House King. He went on to say, “Drake genuine. I feel like he’s a genuine person.”

21 Savage also spoke about his future work, his inspirations, and all of his decisions. Listen to the podcast here.