Ab-Soul Confirms That J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar’s Collab Album Exists

According to Ab-Soul, the Cole and Kendrick collab album exists.


It’s been a minute since Cole and Kendrick fans have been holding onto a string of hope for a rumored collab album. Right when all hope was almost lost, Ab-Soul confirmed on ‘The Breakfast Club’ that the collab album exists and it’s in the works. Stopping by to talk about his new album DWTW, Ab-Soul really spilled details.

Cole and Kendrick have been working on it for a while according to Soul. When Charlamagne tha God questioned Soul about the project, he asked, “You got a feature on the Kendrick Cole album?” Soul slowly tried to dismiss the subject answering “I can’t speak on that, I wish I could.” 

Charlamagne continued to ask “Do you think it’s going to come any time?” Ab-Soul finally spilled some details, “I’m saying these guys move like the mob man, you never know with these guys. I just hope they use my verse. They just need to use my verse.”

After Charlamagne’s questions Soul ended it by saying, “They got it. They got something in the works. They’ve been working on that motherfucker for a while.”

Fingers crossed for this collab to drop sooner than we except. Watch the rest of Ab-Soul’s interview below.