Watch The Weeknd’s Full Interview With Zane Lowe

Watch The Weeknd’s first ever full-length video interview.

One thing that has kept my personal favorite artist of all-time so mysterious is the fact he has never done a sit-down interview on camera or with audio but that has now changed. Yesterday, Abel announced that a video interview with Zane Lowe will drop along with his new album STARBOY late on November 24th and here it is.

In the interview, The Weeknd speaks on many topics including the new album of course as well as collaborating with artists like Daft Punk, Lana Del Rey, Kendrick Lamar, and Future for STARBOY, also linking with Eminem for a remix of “The Hills”. While on the topic of STARBOY, The Weeknd was talking about the “Starboy” character and he wants to make a comic book based on the character. Also, something that surprised m is that he wanted to make it clear that he is not taking a break any time soon, “I’m not trying to take a break any time soon,” and he wants to try to work on his next album while on tour.  While talking about where he lives, he said me might move to New York and record his next album that may be inspired by New York there, “Might make the next album [in New York], gonna be super New York inspired.”

Towards the end of the interview, Zane brought up “Behind the scenes, we’re still like very close. It’s cool that the world can see us kinda do our own thing. OVOXO is gonna always be there,” after Zane commented in saying “it’s not there right now,” Abel said “No, it is. It’s cool to have both monsters work together as aposed to like one monster and one like little guy coming in, it’s like dope where like when Kanye and Jay Z. When [Watch The Throne] that happened,” Zane jumped in again saying “can it happen” inferring can a collab project with him and Drake happen. The Weeknd said “Of course,” Zane jumped in again saying “Do you think it will happen?” The Weeknd said “Maybe, why not? He’s the homie, at the end of the day, that’s my guy. Oliver, 40, all of Toronto, that side of Toronto, you know there wouldn’t be any new artists from there is it wasn’t for Drake making Toronto cool. Cause it wasn’t cool.”

So in this very rare interview, he talked about that and much more including not wanting to be married and have a family until he retires, religion, holding onto his sobriety, performance anxiety. Watch or listen to the full interview below.