SZA Calls Out TDE President For Album Delay

One of TDE’s newest artist’s is already calling it quits.

Ever since SZA, a fiery new artist out of New Jersey burst onto the scene with the help of TDE we have been patiently waiting for debut album. It feels like a lifetime and by the looks of it SZA has had enough! Last night the artist took to Twitter to vent her frustration with now deleted tweets.

She explained “I actually quit, @iamstillpunch can release my album if he ever feels like it . Y’all be blessed”. To be fair, to SZA it has been an extremely long wait for her album, at the start of the year when Top Dawg announced a surprise album from a TDE artist we expected it to be her, evidently it was not and she has clearly become frustrated waiting on the sidelines.

We were big fans of S released in 2013 and Z in 2014. It would be sad to see an artist with this much potential to bow out before she’s even started. However artists are sensitive and we trust Top Dawg to sort this mess. So, hopefully we will be bringing you new SZA music in the near future.

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