Watch Travis Scott’s “La Flame” Documentary

Watch Travis Scott’s Exciting New Documentary Titled ‘La Flame’.

With the recent success of his album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, rapper/producer  Travis Scott has come out with a new short film with the title of ‘La Flame’. This short film creates an insight for fans on what Scott has recently been doing which includes his non stop touring, working with the critically acclaimed producer Mike Dean, just chilling with Seth Rogen and Kanye West, and more. The insight that this video creates is parrallel to that of a documentary with a very nice twist by the creators, Scott and Tucker Tripp.

This innovative 18 minute film, contains tracks from his recent album such as “way back” and “through the late night” as well as the hit single off of Rodeo ,”Antidote”. 

Travis Scott also has recently dropped a new collection of fan merchandise, this included everything ranging from hats and shirts, to condoms. This collection is available on his website.

Watch below.