Jonah Hills Sends Drake A Very Awkward Email

I guess Jonah Hill has to duck Drake for the rest of his life. 

Last night one of my favourite comedians and actor Jonah Hill stopped by ‘The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon’. During the interview Jonah told a hilarious story involving Drake.

Jonah explained how his new nutritionist was helping him get back into shape by using a food diary accidentally one night after filling in his diary he sent it to the Drake instead of his nutritionist.

 “I was looking an hour later through my sent messages, and my doctor didn’t e-mail back, and he usually says ‘Okay’ or something it must have been DR because it was doctor, and I had sent it to Drake”. Hill explained.

A very awkward and embarrassing moment for Hill especially after Drake never replied. Jonah says he will have to duck Drake for the rest of his life, adding the OVO star to a list of celebrities who don’t fuck with him.

This interview is incredible so definitely check it out down below.