Watch Drake On ‘Ellen’ (2016)

Watch Drake’s latest appearance on ‘The Ellen Show’.

UPDATE (5/18/16 3:34 PM PST):

The episode has now aired and it turns out the interview was a little longer than the clips we posted last night. You can watch the full interview below, enjoy,

Original post:

 1Drake will be the main guest on ‘The Ellen Show’ tomorrow (technically because it is 11:58 PM PST) and before the show has even aired, Ellen has uploaded the interview to her Ellen Tube app. 

In the interview, Drake talks about his and Rihanna’s “friendly” relationship, hosting and performing on ‘SNL’. Also during his stop to the show Ellen scared Drake in a very funny way and then he played a game of her “Never Have I Ever” along with Jared Leto.

Watch below.

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