Travis Scott Debuts Full Version Of “Pick Up The Phone” Feat. Young Thug & Quavo During DJ Set

Listen to a non-CDQ version of Travis Scott’s “Pick Up The Phone” featuring Young Thug and Quavo.

Travis Scott is preparing to drop his new album which is most likely titled Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight soon. The lead single off of that album is titled “Pick Up The Phone” and it features Atlanta artists Young Thug and Quavo.

Snippets of this track have been floating around for a minute now and during a recent DJ set, Travis Scott played the song in full. Luckily, someone really close to Travis while this happened was able to get it on footage. Watch that footage where you can hear the song below as we wait for the CDQ.

Also, Travis Scott took to his Snapchat account to let fans know that his new album (if it is titled Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight) is dropping soon. He posted up a pic in the studio simply saying “bitsm soon.”

It is not word-for-word confirmed that this is the title but I’d put my money on it that it is. If not, what can it be? So what I take away from this Snapchat is his new album is coming soon. I just do not want to say that is the title for sure just to be safe. Peep a screenshot of that Snapchat below.