Jay Rock Injured In Serious Motorcycle Accident

TDE rapper Jay Rock was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and is seriously injured.

UPDATE: (2/16/16 9:24 PM PST): Today Jay Rock went under surgery, TDE CEO revealed on twitter. The Watts rapper is currently recovering. Get well soon Jay Rock.

UPDATE: (2/16/16 3:14 AM PST): The president of TDE has now revealed that he went and saw Jay Rock. According to his tweet, Jay Rock is currently recovering, thankfully. 

UPDATE (2/15/16 8:30 PM PST): The CEO of TDE has now revealed more details. Thankfully, Jay Rock is not in a coma or near death but he does suffer from a lot of broken bones. Get well soon, Jay Rock!

Original Post: TDE CEO Top Dawg took to twitter to let us know Compton rapper Jay Rock has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.

Jay Rock’s latest album 90059 released last year exploding Jay onto the music scene even more than he was, another great talent under the endless TDE conglomerate. Stay tuned for updates as soon as we get the information so will you.